Review of Test Results Conducted on Reinforcement Steel Bars

Author/s: Kassahun Admassu (Dr.-Ing.)
Where confirmatory results are required tests are conducted on specified samples by accredited material laboratories according to some accepted practices/procedures to get more information on the chemical, mechanical and technological properties of concrete reinforcement steel bars. The mention...

The use of geopolymer cement for road applications

Author/s: Badma Taye, Dr. A. Gladwin Alex
This paper is a state of the art review of the use of geopolymer cement for road applications. Geo-polymer cement is an alternative to Portland cement and is either naturally occurring rock-based or industrial by product based. Geo-polymer cement has been used around at least t for the last 30 y...

Fatal Injury Crash Data Analysis and Directions to Reverse the Growing Rate of Road Traffic Related Fatality in Addis Ababa

Author/s: Jiregna Hirpa (M.Sc)
Road traffic injury has become one of the major world health problems. Each year 1.2 million people are killed and 50 million people are injured in road traffic crash. According to Addis Ababa Police Commission report, on average 391 people have lost their life each year in Addis Ababa streets for t...