Vision of EACE

To be world class Professional Association that serves the Civil and Related Engineers, the general public and humanity in the field of Civil and Related Engineering Profession.

Mission of EACE

To promote and enhance the dissemination of knowledge and in the advancement of Civil Engineering Science & Technology for the benefit of Civil and Related Engineers and at large to the public.

Core Values of EACE

  • Professionalism
  • Accountability
  • Collaboration
  • Diversity and Inclusiveness
  • Transparency
  • Transparency
  • Social Responsibility

About EACE

Ethiopian Association Civil Engineer was officially established in February 10, 1996, aiming at serving as a hub for civil engineers to create a more interactive professional development. Since then the Association was operating all over Ethiopia by registering under federal level at FDRE Charities and Societies Agency.

EACE establishment is tracked back to 1960’ by the name of Ethiopian Architects and Engineers Society as the numbers of professionals were few by that time and the professions play ground similarity was undertaken into consideration. In these past years it has accomplished renowned achievements by gathering the Civil Engineers as a hub to share their knowledge and skill. Continuance to its endeavors with all up and downs it has officially hold its current form by registering by the Ministry of Justice as of February 9/1997 with societies registration number of 0746/97. With these giant historical journeys it has played grand role in the country’s construction development constituent of influential professionals both in the academics and practice career.

The Association has accomplished some commendable works in terms of exchange of experience, creating awareness of new development in the field, research papers and discussion forums. In addition has also been actively taking part in technical visits and conducting training workshops in collaboration with other relevant institutions. In the all rounded struggle to make real deference in the construction industry the Ethiopian Association of Civil Engineers is an important partner to the realization of the desired change and development in the sector and country at large.

In addition, the Association’s accomplishments the following but not limited are,

  • Represents the members interest
  • Works closely with the Ministerial offices that are in line with the profession
  • Biannual Publications of peer reviewed Journal and Bulletin
  • Participation and contribution professional comments during to the country’s construction industry policy and laws discussion forums
  • Organizing professional conference, workshop and seminars
  • Created international cooperation with similar international Associations
  • Provide professional service to public and private institutions appointing its members
  • Participation on the profession related meetings both nationally and internationally
  • Working closely with Institutions of having common interest to its mission
  • Strengthening its office for its day to day activities.